How videos can grow your business

In this blog I wanted to recognise the power of video and the power it has for your business. Surf Coast Marine a client of EnquireMe has for the past 5 months been focusing its marketing strategy at the digital movement and how its customers react to videos. Paul Banning the Dealer Principal of Surf Coast Marine in collaboration with Media Booth Australia and Proflight have teamed up to present a series of boat reviews called “Boat Reviews on the Broadwater” Broadwater being the local boating destination on the Gold Coast. The most recent video published on Facebook received around 1200 plays per day and growing! Paul Banning said he has also sold 3 of the same boat directly off someone watching the videos online, now thats powerful!

In the series of videos Paul does a complete overview of the Quintrex model giving customers a pretty good understanding of the key features of the boat and its performance. EnquireMe offers a variety of video integration technics by adding a video button to each listing by simply copying the youtube or video link into the video field located in the panel or for those that want a little more can embed the video right on the boat listing page with a very simply piece of code available on Youtube. Ross Meadows one of EnquireMe’s Managing Directors is a partner in Media Booth Australia who are digital marketing experts and the ones that produce and edit the boat review series and he would be more than happy to assist your business in growing its digital footprint.

Behind the scenes the team go to great lengths to get the best shots utilising ProFlights drone operator to fly the drone and a second operator to control the camera, everything including the drone footage is shot in UHD 4k resolution giving flexibility in the editing room to zoom on shots and generally easier to work with. Media Booth covers all the onboard shots, audio and has a range of equipment in use from the Panasonic GH4, Canon 7D, DJI OSMO handheld 4k camera and much more to produce a high quality product. Checkout the behind the scenes video here

Is video the new picture? I think so!