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Leigh-Smith Yachts (LSYachts) has just released its brand new EnquireMe powered website, Directors Dean & Ryan Leigh-Smith had several custom requirements for the new marine website. The new marine website features loads of input fields for boat specifications from engines to tenders and loads more.

With the latest version of EnquireMe just released it now offers window card generation, simply so a new boat listing can now be generated from your vessel listing with the click of a button. The photo card generation also allows for unlimited customisations of the design, including, selling broker details, additional photos and much more. Along with this LSYachts also utilises the iPhone/iPad app with one touch contract generation with finger signing on the go.

Additionally the new EnquireMe update now also features a new photo editor which allows images uploaded to be edited, adjust colours, resize and even add filters.

The LSYachts team valued there website real estate and opted for a different approach to show loads of vessels on the home page rather than fancy lifestyle banners, the home page showcases new boats in a scrolling banner, a luxury yacht selection and a brokerage section.


Photo Card (Window Card)



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EnquireMe SugarCRM Integration in the latest release

EnquireMe allows you to upload a single vessel to the EnquireMe system and distribute that vessel to all major boat sales sites and has now introduced Sugar CRM integration.

This CRM integration is very powerful for senior management allowing them to track individual staff members, print reports and even carry out marketing tasks directly through the system. Check out the video below for more information.

EnquireMe can integrate with many other CRM system, contact us to learn more.

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Ipad App Now Available

With the EnquireMe iPad app in development and BETA for the past 12 months we now have released to our clients. The iPad app is set to make adding or editing a vessel on the fly easier and faster than ever before. The app has been welcomed by many high end boat brokers and dealers saving time and mistakes when adding an open listing vessel. The app doubles as a check list for the user starting from the bow and working its way to the stern of the boat and includes all the come to expect fields for buyer information. The app works on either 3G, 4G, Wifi or even offline, that’s right if you are in an area where there is no reception you simply continue adding a vessel as normal and when the iPad regains reception your add will automatically sync to all websites.


Marine Search Engine Optimisation Now Available

EnquireMe are proud to announce the incorporation of SEO features in the EnquireMe uploading panel. In the uploading panel you will now have keyword, meta title description and page title description fields which are automatically generated by the EnquireME system to help improve the ranking of every ad uploaded to the system.

On top of this feature we now also offer in-house SEO packages for client websites using the latest white hat SEO technics, with a proven background in SEO improvement EnquireMe can now roll SEO into your pay by the month integration starting from as little as $299 extra per month.

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